Bigger picture PR: Thought leadership includes you and your clients

By Erin Russ on June 4th, 2015

Pursuing thought leadership initiatives can help position your company as an industry expert. But when looking at the bigger picture, thought leadership doesn’t just apply to executives. A strong platform includes promoting the success of your partners, including your clients. This is mutually beneficial, positioning you both as thought leaders; your clients get to showcase their innovative successes, and you get to show how your company is supporting these efforts with sound technology.

I recently talked with Kyle Wilcox, vice president at Grinnell Regional Medical Center (GRMC), about how he has worked with one of their technology vendors to promote and benefit both organizations. 

Dodge: How did you initially get started working on PR efforts though your vendor?

Wilcox: Patientco introduced me to Dodge Communications a few months prior to HFMA 2014 ANI. We met in Las Vegas at the show, where we discussed with many online and print trade publications the future of healthcare, along with key GRMC initiatives and how we’ve worked with Patientco to achieve these goals.

Dodge: What were your main goals in participating in these efforts?

Wilcox: I wanted to position GRMC to participate in national and industry discussions about how leaders, at all levels, can influence the change required of us to improve the revenue cycle with the patient being first in mind.

Dodge: Were there any specific challenges GRMC was experiencing with its PR efforts prior to this?

Wilcox: A majority of our PR efforts are conducted by internal teams. Fortunately, they do an excellent job within our community. Yet, our hospital is smaller and can often be overlooked despite the innovative things we are doing with the patient revenue cycle. 

Dodge: How has working with a vendor and agency team helped solve those challenges?

Wilcox: We just published in Healthcare Finance News and hfm, where we discussed the innovative things GRMC and Patientco are doing from a patient revenue cycle perspective. We also got great exposure at ANI14. These opportunities wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

Dodge: What are the main benefits that PR has brought to your healthcare organization, as well as your vendors and partners?

Wilcox: These efforts have brought our story to a larger scale market, highlighting our work and our partners, like Patientco. We’ve realized more recognition and have nudged the national discussion around patient revenue cycle models, stressing that it’s more than just words—it’s showing actual results.

How has your organization worked with your partners or clients to promote your success? What types of PR efforts have you pursued, and what types of results have you seen?

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