Bedtime stories alive and healthy!

Bedtime stories alive and healthy!

By Dodge Communications on February 21st, 2013

A colleague shopping for daycare stopped into my office the other day to fill me in on visits to various facilities and centers. Although each of the options she was considering had pros and cons, one option fell to the bottom of the list immediately. “There weren’t many books in the room when I visited,” she gave as her reason.

Being a voracious reader myself, I have to admit that I did a little fist pump in my head when I heard that. In this age of iPods and the 24-hour television news cycle, I regret the decline of the printed word.

But as I thought a bit more about the situation she described, I wondered if the lack of books necessarily indicated a lack of reading. Maybe children were following the adult trend of getting more information digitally. So, I did a little bit of research.

And, yep, that’s indeed the case. Statistics generated by the American Association of Publishers (AAP) reported by MediaBistro indicated that sales of children’s digital books grew about 300% between May 2011 and May 2012. The Telegraph in London reported in September that, conversely, paperback sales of children’s books have been declining—7% between 2010 and 2011, for example.

Parents, it seems, are giving their children gifts of Kindles, Nooks, tablets and other e-readers at an increasing pace. And that’s a good thing. As one publisher put it, “Reading is reading.” It’s just as easy to cuddle up with your child with an e-reader in hand as it is with a picture or story book!

So, settle down and power up. A good story awaits!