Be bold and believable - leverage the power of public relations

By Ashlea Cartee on June 12th, 2017

In the current consumer-driven landscape, it’s imperative for brands to acknowledge that our society is dealing with presumptuous distrust in organizations, the government and the overall establishment. Consumers are turning to each other, rather than trusting the organizations they support. In fact, consumers are 12 times more likely to trust customer reviews than descriptions from companies themselves. The bar for success has been raised, especially for the healthcare industry. As we watch organizations continue to fall one by one, brands must take a step forward and harness the strength of public relations. Strong PR programs have the unmatched ability to position brands as leaders and communicate to the public in an engaging, transparent way that is demanded more than ever before.

According to the Harris Poll Reputation Equity and Risk Across the Health Care Sector report, all stakeholders in healthcare—hospitals, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and providers—suffer from consumer skepticism, and some actually experience it to a greater degree than others. Proactive and continuous reputation management plays a crucial component to unlocking business value and overall success. As we look ahead, some companies will need to refresh their old playbooks and engage in new tactics to keep up with competitors. 

The same report showed that consumers believe it’s most important for healthcare organizations to demonstrate ethics and quality. Other critical factors include efficiency, collaboration, flexibility and transparency. These factors allude to the need of building trust and deeper connections with those your organization is targeting. Without that relationship of trust, consumers are less likely to purchase—and the ones who purchase are less likely to remain loyal. When you take a look at the motivations for this drop in trust, it becomes clear why more personal connections are a core solution.

Organizations must focus on building a brand that can be a welcomed guidepost to customers navigating complex terrain by conveying authenticity, security and peace of mind at every touch point. The digital evolution demands greater engagement and accountability—strengthening brand reputation by becoming an authentic voice that is willing to listen to customers and act upon concerns and complaints. Humanizing strategies, like social media, have emerged as they provide indirect ways to bolster a brand’s reputation and directly connect to consumers.

We developed an eBook that provides insight into building a robust PR program with nuances that turn customers into true believers. Hear from our leading experts at Dodge as they share our understanding of trust dimensions and drivers to enable clients with programs to raise brand awareness, cultivate relationships and bring about desired actions.

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