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By Dodge Communications (not verified) on February 4th, 2016

It was recently stated that a top PR trend to watch in 2016 is content amplification. This trend emphasizes the importance of creating quality content, then leveraging it throughout numerous avenues and platforms. Our team has a simple process we follow to “amp” up content. Watch your content thrive over time by using a similar framework:

Game plan. Build a strategy that adds and refines current conversations in the market. Content should be able to intrigue, validate and/or challenge the audiences’ current position, whether strategic or tactical. Know why this content is being created and have a go-to game plan for how to use it throughout the future. The message should be able to align with the past, present or future state of a topic. Keep it concise yet versatile.

Questions to consider: What is the main messaging of this piece? How does it integrate and enhance current campaigns and projects already at work? What is your client wanting to accomplish through this piece? Who is this content being developed for? How does this piece align your client with current industry trends?

Guru. Choosing an author is not an easy process. It’s important to choose an author who has dynamic character, compelling insight and is an expert in their field. The audience wonders, “Why is this person speaking to me?” “What makes them an expert on this topic?” In order to position the author as a thought leader, credibility must be established. Find the guru who aligns best with the strategy of the piece!

Ask the tough questions: What is your author’s story? Why is their perspective unique and worth hearing? What is your author’s “voice?” What experience and/or expertise have positioned them to be a thought leader? The key in this stage of content amplification is to select an author who has something to say that is dynamic, compelling and smart.

Generate. Once an expert is selected to author a piece, it’s time to create this content! Developing a piece that aligns with the established strategy and captures your author’s voice can be daunting. A few tips to maintain the integrity of the content:

  • Gut-checks: At each checkpoint of development, compare and evaluate the piece with its original messaging. Ensure the content reflects the established strategy. See it through to the very end.
  • Start with an outline: No need to rush into a draft! This can help establish gut-checks throughout the development process.
  • Team work makes the dream work: Pull in others to review for grammar errors, fluidity and conciseness of thought.
  • Don’t settle: If you or your team think the piece needs a little “umph,” get creative. Go to the drawing board and brainstorm ways to strengthen the piece. Don’t ever settle if you think the piece can be strengthened.
  • Timeline: While creativity and going to the drawing board can be tempting; never forget your deadlines!

Go, go, go. Don’t let your content sit and become stagnant. Amplify it through various media channels. Make a big splash and remember to have fun with it. Get creative. Step outside your comfort zone. Consider channels such as social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), your corporate blog; a webinar, an email campaign, a sales PowerPoint; or build it out / slim it down into other pieces of collateral such as a white paper, an infographic or a one-pager.

Content amplification ensures quality content rises to the top (again and again and again). By establishing a game plan, selecting a dynamic, industry guru, generating consistent content and recycling it, your team could see the fruition of “amped” content.

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