ACOs, ICD-10 and interoperability will be the focus of HIMSS12

ACOs, ICD-10 and interoperability will be the focus of HIMSS12

By Brad Dodge on January 5th, 2012

In the coming weeks, Dodge will be sharing a series of guest blog posts leading up to the HIMSS12 conference that will be taking place February 20-24, 2012 at the Venetian Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The blog series will allow a sampling of our clients to share their expectations for the show and comment on what 2012 holds for healthcare IT. Dodge will be attending HIMSS12 and conducting interviews throughout the conference. We’re looking forward to sharing our experience with you.

Our first interview is with Kristen Heffernan who oversees the marketing of Henry Schein MicroMD Practice Management and EMR software. Heffernan joined the company three years ago.Henry Schein MicroMD logo

Dodge: What do you think will be the theme of conversations at this year’s HIMSS conference?
Heffernan: I think the themes at this year’s conference will center on the hot topics in the industry – the things that still aren’t fully vetted out either by CMS and other healthcare regulatory organizations. We are still learning about healthcare information exchange and ACOs, specifically how they can best operate. One of the hottest topics I think will be about ACOs and interoperability between all of its parts, specifically health IT. As healthcare organizations take the first step of adoption towards EMR, healthcare analytics will be another big topic among attendees as they recognize the value of how to work with the wealth of accessible data that’s now being collected. And obviously, ICD-10 will also be a popular subject as we just made the leap into 5010, and now we’re focusing on how the industry will go about implementing ICD-10 and how it will impact the payers, the physicians, the clearinghouses and the hospitals.

Dodge: How is Henry Schein MicroMD approaching its overall strategy at HIMSS?
Heffernan: There are a wealth of opportunities for us at HIMSS: networking, continuing educational opportunities from the extensive programs, competitive research and more. Members representing all areas of our operations will be attending, each with their own goals and strategy for attending HIMSS this year.
Dodge: What are you looking forward to most this year at HIMSS and what are you hoping to gain from attending?
Heffernan: HIMSS provides us with the opportunity to meet with a lot of our existing clients and talk about ideas, as well as speak with new strategic partner vendors that can enhance how providers utilize our software. We also look for new software development ideas, along with anything that helps us improve our client relations and EMR implementation. We know that EMR implementation is a pain point, especially with providers new to using EMR, and our goal is to improve the user experience. Dodge: How will current government regulations and the delay for stage 2 of meaningful use factor into the conference this year?
Heffernan: I think there will be a big sigh of relief at HIMSS for the delay of stage 2 meaningful use. Both providers and vendors have more time to adjust and have been given a little more leeway. There will be a lot of talk associated with payments; who is registered for the CMS incentive programs, who is receiving payments, and who is holding off and why.
Dodge: Where can people find Henry Schein MicroMD at HIMSS?
Heffernan: We’ll be at booth 13423.