5 tips for integrating video into your healthcare marketing strategy

5 tips for integrating video into your healthcare marketing strategy

By Dodge Communications (not verified) on February 13th, 2014

While video content marketing is on the rise, many healthcare companies have yet to utilize video in their communications strategy. In fact, there are fewer companies effectively creating and optimizing video than any other type of content. However, a study by Nielson indicated that 64 percent of respondents view video content as an integral aspect of future marketing strategies. Including video in your marketing strategy provides great advantages including enhanced thought leadership, optimal website traffic and an increase of compelling content on your site, email blasts, social media, etc. that will drive optimal engagement among target audiences.

Begin on the safe side. Pardot suggests creating “low-risk” videos initially and then building up from there. Low-risk videos include product announcements, educational videos and client testimonials. From there, you can begin creating videos that will affect your company on a more macro level, such as an “about us” video.

Repurpose video from materials that already exist. Those materials already on your site can be leveraged and repurposed in video form. For example, a blog topic that generates high traffic to your site can be reposted as a video to drive even greater engagement because of the interactive nature.

Use video as an opportunity to reinforce your brand’s message and demonstrate company culture. Once you’ve nailed down the primary video marketing techniques, a video that demonstrates your company’s message is an attractive method of showing prospects and potential employees what your company has to offer to your industry. In addition to an “about us” video, a career video to post on your company’s careers and LinkedIn pages can showcase your company culture and support recruiting initiatives. Here’s a video from Dodge that shows a glimpse of what our agency is all about.

Drive traffic to your website. It’s important to use the most effective video hosting service that will boost your SEO initiatives. Utilizing a service like Wistia is preferable as it improves SEO by increasing the visitors to your company’s website, rather than deterring away from your site and going to a YouTube or Vimeo page. Wistia also allows you to gain insight into how viewers are engaging with your video content so you can produce more efficient videos in the future.

Embed videos across multiple channels for optimal engagement. Your company’s videos should be utilized in many different locations including multiple pages on your website, email blasts, landing pages, e-newsletters, blog and social media pages. Sharing your videos across different channels will aid in improving SEO and boost your company’s engagement.

Has your company used video in its integrated communications strategy? If so, share some of your advice on best practices.